Tips to use Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cookers are named so because they use electricity for cooking food. Electric pressure cookers are mostly used in order to save time and energy while cooking. To get the maximum benefit from an electrical pressure cooker, here are some tips and tricks which shall be helpful for you while using it.


 Nowadays pressure cookers are designed keeping in view the safety measures. The valve and lids on the pressure cooker are designed that if excessive pressure will build up, they will release the pressure.


 A pressure cooker should not be overfilled with food because, under pressure, things expand when cooked. So it is recommended to fill the cooker two-third with food.

Vent pipe:

 A vent pipe is a place from where water flow occurs. It should be clear otherwise pressure can build up to a dangerous level causing the bursting of an electric cooker.

Release of pressure:

 The pressure cooker should be opened gradually when all the accumulated pressure gets released. Nowadays cooker lids are designed named as locking lids, which will allow you to open the pressure cooker once all the pressure is released.

Foods not to be cooked:

 There are some meals that should not be cooked in the pressure cooker because they cause an impediment in the way of releasing pressure. These foods include rice, pasta, cereals, cranberries, and dried soup mixes.

Rubber gasket:         

 Replace the rubber gasket of the pressure cooker if it is damaged. Rubber gasket should be tight around the cooker so that steam cannot be escaped.

Best results:

 In the end, you shall get the best results only if you shall follow the directions of the manufacturer. It also ensures the safe use of electric pressure cookers.

Benefits of using Electric Pressure Cooker:-

Save time:

  Electric pressure cookers work efficiently and save time.

Save energy:

An electric pressure cooker certainly saves energy because there is no physical exertion required in while cooking the food. Also, they use electricity in a very efficient way as compared to traditional pressure cookers so al lot of electricity is saved.

Save money:

When electricity is saved, eventually it leads to saving of money because there are high electricity prices in the market and is difficult to afford so electric pressure cooker saves money in that way.

Easy to use:

Electric pressure cookers are very easy to use. A person using it for the first time can easily operate it. You can learn to cook food on pressure cook quickly within a day.

Cool kitchen:

 Usually, the kitchen gets hot while cooking the meal. In case if you are using an electric pressure cooker, the kitchen will be less hot because all steam is not released. The best time to use an electric pressure cooker is summer if you want to keep your kitchen cool.


 Electric pressure cookers are very safe to use as they are closely packed when in use and also have a safety valve and lids which makes them convenient to use.

Whole meal:

 The entire cooking meal can be cooked in one electric pressure cooker which is a great advantage. It also ensures cleaning and helps in avoiding more use of crockery.

Closed system:

An electric pressure cooker works in a closed environment where pressure is compressed inside in the form of energy. That energy can be used efficiently.


 A good model of an electric pressure cooker has a long life as compared to the low model. It is recommended to purchase a good model of the electric pressure cooker in order to avoid any damage in the future.


 In an electric pressure cooker, due to its closed system, no nutrients are lost during the cooking of the meal. Cooked food contains all the nutrients intact at the end.


 Food is cooked under high temperatures in an electric pressure cooker which ensures the killing of harmful microorganisms including bacteria if present in the food.

Taste of food:

 Due to the electric pressure cooker, the taste of food is retained leading to a healthy diet.

Juicy meat:

 If you cook meat in an electric pressure cooker, it shall add more taste in the cuts of meat by adding moisture. This moisture makes the meat soft leading it to be juicy while eating.

Preservation of food:

 It is one of the finest and most loved features of a digital pressure cooker that food can be preserved in the form of meat, fish, soups, etc.


 The electric pressure cooker works on steam. This steam is the reason due to which natural flavors remain intact. Also, there is no loss of nutrients and the natural taste of food remains the same.

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