Smart light switches and their features.

In the old times, when there was no concept of lights or bulbs in homes, candles were used in its place. But after the invention of the light bulb, new forms of light were introduced, and people became dependent upon them. Now nightlights are in fashion, and they have replaced table lamps as well. Smart lights for both day and night have been invented, and they are making life simpler and comfortable. They require no physical work and can be operated from mobile apps. Now you do not have to pick yourself for switching lights on and off as you can do it with a single click from your phone. These smart lights have smart switches, and these switches never let you come out from your comfort zone. They do all the work on your behalf and are a replacement of conventional controls.

There are a lot of best smart light switches for Alexa available in the market, and you can purchase them any time to make your life a little more at ease. While using conventional lights, you have to go to the switchboard for multiple times for switching them on and off. But this is not the case with smart light switches as you can seek help from Alexa for that. Alexa is a Google assistance that hears all your commands and performs every task accordingly. And these smart light switches only listen to Alexa commands and no other assistant can make them do anything.

Smart switches are installed in back boxes, but you can operate them from your mobile app. Connect your WIFI with your smart controls and then use an audio assistant to handle them the way you want to. If you forget to switch them off while leaving home and then take this tress out of your mind because you can do it any time you remember from your app.

Some of the commonly used smart light switches are

Treatlife switch

This light switch is capable of doing everything on its own. It takes a week to understand the schedule of the week, and then it takes no other command. After one week, it will light up and will set its modes according to the program. It understands the authorities, and you can ask it to show that you are at home when you are on long vacations. Although it has many functions and people, think of it as an expensive light switch, but this is not the case. It is within your means, and you easily afford it. This smart switch can also control a group of lights of your bedroom, kitchen, living room and washroom at one time. But the only problem reported regarding this switch is its connectivity issue. It can connect to some specific range of networks but not with all, and therefore it disconnects sometimes.

WeMo light switch

This smart light switch comes with the feature of dimmer, and it makes it unique from other light switches. It works according to sunrise and sunsets and therefore dims at night without producing any flickers which most of the dimmers do. A WeMo app controls this light switch, and with the help of this app, you can set your schedules and other things. Its price is reasonable and can easily be purchased. This switch is compatible with IFTTT, and this makes it more unique. You can control this light switch from anywhere by using the app, and it is smart enough to change its mode according to surroundings. But this smart light switch is suitable for one way connection only and is a terrible choice for three-way connections.

Leviton DW15S-1BZ WIFI switch

It works like Treatlife switch and records your routine and later act according to it. This light switch keeps your schedule inside and then switches itself on and off on its basis. Also, this smart switch can control the activity of 50 rooms at one time.  Installation of a button is straightforward, and all activities can be held from its app, which is known as Leviton. With the help of this app, you can operate this switch from wherever you are sitting. This smart switch is a bit expensive from other light switches but has impressive features. Also, it is not compatible with other devices and is not having integration for the third connection.

Lutron Caseta Dimmer

This light switch has the most fantastic feature, and geofencing is one of them. It will turn on when you will enter your living room or will come after work. It is smart enough to detect the presence of house members and will also provide complete security to your house when you are not there. Lutron is not only compatible with Alexa but with other voice assistants as well. This switch is expensive because of its extraordinary features but is easy in installation.

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