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Visual Content-You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

If you plan on embarking on a content marketing strategy, you need some tips that can make your journey easy and successful. You need to know how you can stimulate growth and engagement using your content.

Text is not an important part of your website, and without it, you cannot rank your site on the top shelves. But at the same time, you must know that adding a visual appeal to your content and site is remarkably a successful way of capturing your potential audience’s interest.

You would surely be astonished to know that more than 90% of the information that the brain understands comes from visual content. This is because the brain understands images more quickly than text.

This is also one of the major reasons people are more interested in visual content than text. You must know that content having visual stuff in it has 65% more reach than the one having only text in it.

The six types of visual content that you need to use in your marketing campaigns!

Here are the top six types of visual content: you can get tons of traffic on your site/page.


Splitting the body of text with some interesting and relevant images can help you a lot in getting the users’ interest. According to recent statistics, if you use images and text, you can get 93% more views. When it comes to photos/images, you must add original or at least copyright-free images. You can use the modern reverse image search tools to find out the images you can use on your sites or blogs. The most famous reverse image search tool belongs to SearchEngineReports.

With the help of this reverse photo search tool, you can easily find out the details of an image before using it. Furthermore, suppose you feel like another website is copying your image without your permission. In that case, you can make a reverse image search on it and hunt down image plagiarism like a pro.


Adding videos to your content is another incredible example of visual content. Today people add videos to explain common problems and also to show the solutions relevant to these problems. One should know that creating a video can be more expensive than other modes of visual content. Still, the traffic that you would get by adding a video is in no comparison with other modes. You must know that a video can help you increase your landing page conversions by more than 88%. Furthermore, you can easily win the audience’s trust by adding videos along with your textual content.


These are some of the best visual content mediums that can help you explain complex data and stats in an easy and summarized way. One should know that this type of visual content is usually used for promotions. Making an infographic is easy if you have the right design tool and a grasp of a basic design. If you don’t know how to design an infographic, you can easily help yourself by using a reverse image search tool. You can find relevant infographics with reverse searching. You must take the authorization of the graph owner before using it on your site or page!


Creating memes is another great way of making your content visually attractive. The use of memes is getting more common these days, and you can see them in trend these days. Memes can capture a lot of audience interest, especially if you use them on social media platforms. Before you add a meme to your content, you must make sure that it is relevant to the content niche you are working on and secondly it is non-offensive.


You can also add presentations to your website content. This would help you explain your mission, your goals, and your current position to your audience. One should know that today you can easily add third-party tools to create digital presentations. This is a very reputable way of the engaging audience with your content.


The screenshots are also a medium of visual content that can help you back up the claims you are making in your textual content. You may not feel like screenshots are interesting, but you must know that they are very beneficial for trust-building.

We will suggest you take full advantage of visual content if you want to create brand awareness and increase traffic flow.

Reverse image search technique

The reverse search technique is an important one using which you can not only search for images, but you can also search by an image and other visual content. If you want to find out the details about an image like its ownership, its origin, its sister versions and its content, you can easily find it all by using a reverse image search tool.

There are tons of image search tools on the web, and it is up to you to select the most suitable one!

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