Erectile Dysfunction And Sildenafil: Fact Or Fiction

Here’s yet another post about what’s fact or fiction with regards to erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil. It turns out, there are vast numbers of men who aren’t sure of what’s scientifically true versus what’s hocus-pocus-falsehoods about those two topics.

Try here for the truth about ED and Sildenafil, and finally learn about what they are and aren’t, based on scientific grounds.

1. When Taking Sildenafil, You Can’t Take Other Medication And Supplements.

There needs to be a bit of clarification here. There are medications for cardiovascular ailments that may impede the effects of Sildenafil. Nitrates (for chest pains), alpha-blockers and Amlodipine (for lowering blood pressure), etc.

Since erectile dysfunction requires stable blood circulation and Sildenafil stimulates blood flow, both types of medications will contradict each other. This is why it’s important to consult with a doctor first before going on a Sildenafil treatment.

At the same time, in the event that you’ve already been taking medication for a non-cardiovascular disease, your doctor will have to check that the latter and Sildenafil will not cause any negative reaction when consumed together.

If, after you’ve consulted with a physician and you’ve been given the green to take Sildenafil, you can STILL take other dietary supplements such as vitamins and multivitamins. They bear no weight in how Sildenafil works.

2. Sildenafil = Ejaculations (Plural)

False. Sildenafil does NOT, and will not make the penis ejaculate, ergo, it will NOT let you have successions of orgasms and ejaculations within the same period. It’s not a magic pill. Also, no such medication exists.

What Sildenafil does is treat erectile dysfunction in that it stops muscles from constricting, especially the ones around the genitalia and in the chambers inside the penis. Plus, it normalizes blood flow and unclogs passages for a seamless transmission.

When this happens, an erection will occur as long as stimulation takes place as well, of course. Instead of having the phallus succumb to erectile dysfunction (assuming ED has been prevalent in coitus as of recent), it allows the penis to function as it should. Once you’re in the “zone”, ejaculate will be released along with the euphoria of orgasm. But that’s it. End of story.

Sildenafil has been said to stay in your body for around 3 to 4 hours before it’s completely metabolized and its effects, flushed out. That doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard-on for that long, even after you’ve ejaculated.

After semen is discharged, the penis will return to its drooped form even if you’re still way within the aforementioned 3-4 hour range.

3. Sildenafil For Athletic Activities

We understand where this is coming from. It’s from how Sildenafil regulates blood circulation, therefore, boosting the cardiovascular system. In stress-induced erectile dysfunction, your body and mind aren’t at their peak condition, and Sildenafil turns this situation around.

Blood will be pumped at an average rate and will give, not only the phallus but the rest of your muscles and bodily systems a boost of sorts, via blood flow through proper channels. Hence, Sildenafil-takers feel extra energized when doing high-altitude physical activities and sports (i.e. mountain biking and climbing, etc) after coitus and while Sildenafil lingers in their systems.

Having said this, under NO circumstances are you to take Sildenafil for that purpose. Experts say that these observations continue to be based on the reality that body composition plays a role in this, too. People respond differently to the effects of Sildenafil.

Simply take medication for what they’re prescribed for. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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