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What recording software do YouTubers use

Youtube has been one of the best video streaming platforms of all time. People spend their time looking for the videos they are interested in. It gives the rise to the YouTubers who make youtube channels for their audience and create videos.

You must have seen different YouTubers who create amazing videos for their channel. Have you ever thought about how they record these videos? Or what recording software do YouTubers use for there quality videos?

Worry not! You will get all your answers today as we are going to share some of the best recording software used by these YouTubers.

What To Look For In a Video Recording Software

Frame Rate

Frame rate is one of the most crucial features that you should look for in recording software. The frame rate (FPS) decides how many frames your screen recording software can catch while recording the videos.

An application with 60 FPS can work for simple videos. However, a youtube streamer who wants to upload the gameplay may want to look for the software with 120 FPS or higher.

Ability To Record Multiple Screens

There are screen recorders that can record multiple screens at the same time. Additionally, they give you an option to choose whether you want to record the whole screen or a partial part of the screen. It saves you a lot of editing time after recording your video.

Paid Or Free

The price of a recording software also matters when you want to use it for long-term work. Hence, it is necessary to know whether the application is paid or free. Additionally, the cost of the application also matters for the YouTubers.

Some applications provide better features at a very affordable rate.

Ability To LiveStream On Youtube

Most of the YouTubers stream their videos directly on Youtube. Hence, a screen recorder must be capable of stream direct screen capture on youtube. You can check the features section to find out whether the application is offering this feature or not.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtubers ( For Every Youtubers)

There are different types of videos that require a different type of screen recorder for youtube. Some YouTubers want software that can help them edit the videos for their explainer videos while some simply want to record the screen.

However, this list covers some screen records that work fine with all types of youtube streaming videos.

They are:

1. CloudApp

Cloud app is one of the preferred software of every YouTuber as it lets them record videos conveniently. It is a great screen recorder that comes with hundreds of tools to edit your recorded videos. The developer has also added different options to add text and graphics to your videos without using any other software.

Hence, it is safe to say that it is one of the most complete screen recording software for YouTubers. Additionally, you can use the same software to share your recorded videos with your friends and subscribers.

The application claims that it can help you save 56 hours a week with its high-end recording technology. The application is free to use, but some features can only be accessed with a paid plan.


Password-Protected Sharing: You can share your videos on almost every famous platform while protecting it with a password.

Record, Edit, And Share: It is a complete tool that lets you record, edit, and share your videos from the single application.


Limited Access: The free version has limited access, and most of the features are restricted in this application.

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is the best application for Mac users to record high-quality videos. It has all the main features that we have discussed in our article on what recording software do YouTubers use. You can also add the GIFs to your videos to make it more interesting for your subscribers.

The application has a media library database of more than half a million video clips that can be used in your youtube videos. However, you will need to pay a subscription charge for the media library along with the application charges.

The media includes background music, short clips, and intro videos to add to your channel.


iPhone Record Option: You can connect an iPhone with your device to record its screen along with the main device screen. It is one of the rarest features we have seen in an application.

Media Library: The application has its own stock media library to use texts, graphics, and illustrations in your video.


Expensive:  It is a bit more expensive than most of its alternatives.

3. Snagit

Have you seen those tutorial channels that create how-to videos? SnagIt is one of the best options for those YouTubers. It includes useful features that allow them to create their tutorial videos professionally.

You can record your screen along with your video through a webcam. It means that you can connect with your audience while showing them what’s on your screen at the same time. Like other applications, it allows you to live to stream your videos on platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

The application offers a favorite tools section where you can add some frequently used tools to reach them easily. It is a great feature as there are hundreds of tools in the application that makes it harder to find the right tool when you need it.


High-Quality Recording: It offers a high-quality recording for all your tutorial videos.

Favorite Section: You can add your favorite tools in this section to use them whenever you want.


Only For Premium Users: The application is only for premium users and does not have much to offer in its free plan.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtube Gaming Channels

It is necessary to use a screen recorder that is capable of recording game videos for your youtube stream. This software requires a better FPS and works much better with the audio. That is why we have created a separate list of recording software used by YouTubers.

They are:

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is the first choice of every youtube streamer to record their gameplay. It has all the features that you will ever need to stream and record your youtube videos. Additionally, it is compatible with almost every game as it comes with a 144 FPS recording that is more than what you need.

The user interface is quite easy to use and provides all the features that you will need on the main screen. It has a feature to record either the full screen or a specific area to make it easier to record only concerned screen areas.

This software is recommended for those racing game that runs on high FPS and requires a powerful recording solution. We have tested this on some games like NFS, Blur, etc, and it turned out great.


144 FPS:  BandiCam is the only leading screen recording software that can record in 144 FPS.

Ultra HD 4k: You can record your videos in Ultra HD 4k resolution with high quality led monitor. It means that you can only be limited to your device capabilities rather than the software’s capabilities. 


Limitations In Free Version: The free version has many restrictions that may irritate the users at some point.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is another great screen recording software that works just fine to record the gameplay. Users can stream their gameplay directly on youtube with the help of this device. The screen recorder works in the same way as BandiCam and allows you to choose between the full or the partial section of the screen to record.

The best thing about this recorder is the In-build video editor that is more than enough to edit your recorded videos. It has all the tools to add text, graphics, and illustrations to your videos.

Users can also add their voice in the gameplay while recording the screen and the computer audio. It is a great feature for those who prefer to narrate along with the gameplay.


Visual Effect:  The visual effects of this software works great in Video Editing.

4k Record and Edit: You can record and edit your videos in 4k resolution with this application. It is a great feature as it saves your time and money and allows you to do it with a single software.


Limited Free Version: We were disappointed to find the limitations in the free version of the software. However, you can still use enough features to decide whether you should go for it or not.

6. ShadowPlay by Nvidia

What is better than having a game recorder by a graphic card manufacturing company?

ShadowPlay is offered by Nvidia to record the gameplay whenever you want. The software comes with many useful tools and works free for gaming purposes. We are impressed by the replay mode that automatically saves the screen time of the last 30 seconds.

It is helpful when you are not recording, and you just had a moment worth recording. Just click the hotkey, and it will save your gameplay.

Additionally, there are multiple tools to edit your videos before uploading them on youtube. It allows you to add texts and graphics to your video before exporting them to your drive.

The best thing about the application is that it allows you to Livestream your gameplay on youtube and Facebook effortlessly. You can also share the 4k screenshot with your friends with this software.


4k Resolution: The application records the screen at 4k resolution that is a great way to stream your videos on youtube.

LiveStream: It allows you to stream your videos directly on youtube with no extra efforts. Just customize your screen settings, and it is good to go.


60 FPS: We have seen some other screen recorders that can record up to 120 FPS. However, this application supports only 60 FPS that can be a deal-breaker for some people.

7. Filmore Scrn

It is one of the most popular video recording software that is used by gamers to record their gameplay. The best thing about this application is the fact that it lets you edit your videos in the application itself. Dozens of features can edit your videos for youtube in the easiest way possible.

The user interface of this application is quite simple and offers you two options including quick recording and Video Editor. Just click on any of the options and start creating videos for your youtube channel. They offer you a record of 120 fps that is way better than most of the video recording software.

Additionally, you can use different effects in your video to give it a better view. The best thing about the software is the fact that it is available for free to use to every user.


Effect Library: The application has its effect library where you can use them in your videos.

Free to Use: There are only a few applications that let you record your screen without any subscription.


Lagging Problems: Some of the users have reported some lagging problems in this application. This may affect your recording experience as you may leave some of the best moments of your recordings.


A Free Google chrome extension to video record screen, webcam, or both. it is a powerful video recorder recommended by most YouTubers with advanced features like cloud storage, password protension, heatmap powered video analytics, branded video player etc.


Storyxpress has Pen tool for video recording Video password protection Heatmap powered video analytics In-video CTAs, Banner, lead forms Video blur, crop, and trim 24*7 live chat support Video player customization Integration with top tech stacks including zapier, youtube, Twitter, Slack, Facebook, etc.


Some features are not included in the forever free plan.


YouTubers need the best software to create attractive videos for their subscribers. Every person who is now aware of the technology thinks what recording software do YouTubers use to record these high-quality videos.

This article has covered all the recorders like Bandicam and ShadowPlay that is always the first choice of YouTubers. You can also find some other screen recorders that are used by the channels that cover a topic and explain it to their users.

These types of YouTubers require more editing features such as cursor, graphics, and texts. All the software have their pros and cons that lets you decide what suits your needs the best.

Do let us know in comments about your favorite recording software for the youtube videos.

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