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The Influence of social networks on young people

How Has the World Changed?

Today, major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, … have gradually dominated the globe, bringing people back to the world with four walls, surfing, and surfing. It is hard to see people who control life and nature without holding an Internet-connected Smartphone. Therefore, in order to free mankind from the social network epidemic, each of us must know how to master ourselves, to master socialism through knowledge and reality, through perspectives on social networks to human life.

Social Networks Are the Bridge Between People

The emergence with diverse features, rich sources of information, social networks have allowed users to receive, share, select information effectively and overcomes obstacles of space and time, across gaps between generations, eradicating ethnic, religious, and religious discrimination. Besides, social media also help us save money.

Social networking also enhances the role of every citizen in creating relationships and self-organization around common interests in communities that promote the alignment of social organizations. By connecting action, people have the whole world at their fingertips. Users can find all information they want and offer many useful options. Social networking is a huge repository of knowledge.

Many young people already know how to use social media most effectively. Through social networks, they equip themselves with a source of knowledge and self-worth. Social networking is the place to unite the community, share the unhappiness and joy of people with the same heart to sympathize and help those who are pitiful, need the help of society.

Through social networks, the young people promptly praised typical examples, excellent individuals who have made practical contributions to life. There are many young people who also use social media as an effective place for advertising, business, and other businesses to bring high income.

Social networks influence the current youth lifestyle through understanding their needs, purposes, and forms of using social networks. Members of social networks collaborate with each other to form groups of people with similar interests, interests, and aspirations that can be met, exchanged on the Internet, and then proceeded to offline activities.

The Dark Side of Social Networks

Facebook or Twitter are taking you away from the real world, distracting your life goals, where people compete to get more “likes”.

Besides, there are several shortcomings when using social networks.

1. Reduce interaction between people

You pay too much attention to electronic devices and spend less time and attention to those present in your real life. This made them very upset. Eventually, the people around you won’t even want to hang out with you anymore.

2. Cause attention

Posting ambiguous, confusing states on Facebook to attract the attention of others is becoming an annoying habit of social network users. The battle for likes and announcements will not end.

3. Neglect the real goals of life

It’s easy to summarize what’s happening on social media, and people will gradually neglect real-life goals. Instead of trying to realize their dreams by becoming a truly talented, talented young people tend to strive to become stars on the Internet.

4. There is a risk of depression

According to recent studies, people who use social media often have more negative emotions, including depression. Using social media is especially harmful to people with a history of depression. If you start to feel sad, pessimistic, stop using social networks for a while. I myself heard from someone that they felt better, found something new after a week without social networks.

5. A relationship can be easily broken sometimes

You should not be glued to the screen, continue to be jealous and prying. Social media is an easy choice to open a relationship but in fact, it is advantageous. In fact, research shows that people who often use Facebook to follow their partners lead to speculations, fantasies, and ultimately love affair.

6. Affect the creative process

Surfing social networking sites will paralyze people’s minds, similar to watching television unconsciously. If you are planning to work today, turn off your social networking apps.

7. “Keyboard Heroes”

People feel too comfortable on social media and start saying things they don’t usually say in real life. If you do not often say cursed words or swear, you will definitely have to contact this on social networks. If you say such things often, stop immediately.

You are not anonymous on social networks as you think. With the emergence of “keyboard heroes” on social networks, people are becoming more rude than usual.

8. Often comparing you to others online will hurt you

With the help of technology, images, and actions displayed on Facebook can be far different from the person’s real life. After a while, you might think that acquaintances on Facebook are better and better than you, which creates a social gap. However, keep in mind that everyone on social media is just a human being just like you.

9. Insomnia

The light from the electronic screen affects the mind and makes you sleepless. Getting enough sleep each night is becoming more and more difficult. The best way is not to keep the phone near you when you go to bed.

10. Lack of privacy

Social networking sites are still silently saving (and selling) your personal information. Even the US intelligence agency is also involved in a scandal involving allowing the government to access personal data including emails, Skype calls, etc. This clearly shows that security and privacy. Internet privacy is being violated.

Young People – What Should Do

As human beings of the modern world, how do we make technology serve us rather than let technology dominate our lives?

Must know the reasonable time distribution in using facebook as well as other social networks. How to allocate a reasonable time between work – family – friends – entertainment and the use of time on social networks?

Do not be too dependent on social networks, the virtual world. Need to build relationships in the real world, do not spend too much time on it. Spend time on more useful things. How can Facebook not become a boss, and we do not become victims of social networks?

We young people are acutely aware of that, but be smart to use it effectively and not be a victim of social networks. The time of one’s life is short, do not waste time on useless, even harmful things.

How to find the lost time? Know how to treasure time, how to live meaningfully. Real life is so vast and fascinating with so many mysteries, wonders why we only immerse in the virtual world? We are young, let’s spend more time on meaningful things than spend time on useless websites.

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