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7 Web Design Trends That Designers Must Be Aware Of In 2022

Suppose you come across any business name randomly; what do you do first? Check their website, of course. Having a website is crucial in the business world for success as it has become a demand of time. Business leaders who think otherwise lag in competition as they cannot reach customers and fail to establish their digital brand. A website has a broader reach than any other advertising means and can cater to a larger audience. In the modern world, websites have become the center of companies’ online presence.

The digital world has advanced significantly in the past few years. Having a website alone is not enough for companies. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive cultural and societal shift. People have started using the Internet more than ever before. Website designs have evolved considerably during the previous year. Businesses need to be smart and stay abreast with the latest trends in website designing to make their websites stand out. 

Today, web designers need to concentrate on several factors while designing a web page. The layout is not the only factor that matters. They must emphasize and consider page loading speed, aesthetics, interactivity, and safe browsing. Web designing constantly evolves. 

The following are some aspects of website designs that designers must be aware of in 2022: 

  • Simplicity 

Business owners may force designers to include the nitty-gritty of their brands on the homepage to make people aware of themselves. Still, smart website designers understand modern trends. The upcoming year will see a simpler layout containing precise information and navigation tools. Instead of writing captions or naming different pages, website designers can now include only logos and symbols. 

The website design must be less cluttered and should allow content to breathe. People do not want to get overwhelmed when they open the website, and using white space is getting popular. Business owners must do their research and rope in web designers who possess the latest technical skills.  Business leaders in New Castle and adjacent areas can go for Web Design Newcastle as they do crisp designing, meet clients’ requirements, and align with the trends.

  • Thumb-friendly Navigation

People now carry a miniature computer, a smartphone in their pocket and consider opening a laptop or desktop a hassle. They prefer using a phone for almost all of their activities, and the trend is likely to continue in 2022. Web designers will focus on mobile navigation and bring in a thumb-friendly design that will make it easier for users to navigate. Aside from working on page loading speed on mobile phones, web designers will focus on thumb friendliness as most users use a thumb to navigate websites. The design will ensure that the menu and other tabs reach users’ thumbs, enhancing users’ experience tenfold. 

  • Conversational Interfaces

Experts say that in present times websites have 50 milliseconds to create an impression. In less than a minute, users decide whether to surf this website or move to another one. Online experiences are now more user-centric and have given emergence to a conversational user interface, CUI. Chatbots are becoming popular as they provide immediate answers to users and solve their issues instantly. With AI and machine learning becoming prevalent, website developers can use the technology and add a chatbot popup. It seems that chatbots will become the norm in 2022 for personal shopping and to cater to customers’ requests. 

  • Essence of Optimism

The world is experiencing a tumultuous time. The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to an alarming increase in people suffering from depression. Currently, websites have lots of visual optimism that appears n bold colors, joyful phrases, optimistic messages, and easy features. Websites give an aura of lightheartedness and allow users to take their minds off serious issues and immerse themselves in websites. Quirky cartoon characters, memes of viral content, or catchy yet positive lines written in joyful font help lift people’s spirits. Users find scrolling through websites a fun activity and spend more time on web pages, resulting in more engagement on websites. 

  • VR

Virtual Reality has not dominated the world, but it has certainly taken it by storm. Experts say that VR on web designing will be more widespread in the upcoming years. Websites will give users an idea of products in real life, and they will make better decisions. VR will change the online shopping scenarios as it will provide an illusion of real-life experience. For instance, hotel owners can allow users to walk in their lobby through VR and look into their services.  Website designers will use WebVR in various areas to enhance users’ engagement.

  • Earthed Tones

Aside from using white spaces, a trend of using earthed tones is visible, which users appreciate. Neutral tones having shades of brown do not stress eyes out. The COVID-19 led to lockdowns which slowed down most people’s lives, and they felt close to nature. People started appreciating little things they always took for granted, such as walking in the woods, hiking mountains, and longing for these shades. Web designers understand people’s feelings and can use this knowledge to make their websites more appealing. Since people’s screen exposure has increased, relaxed backgrounds and illustrations do not stress the eyes and give websites a restful look. 


Website development is a crucial factor for businesses. Designers have to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and design web pages accordingly. The modern world is fast-paced, and people do not spend more than twenty seconds on a page. If a website takes longer to load, they turn to alternatives. Similarly, readability and font matter a lot in catching customers’ attention. Instead of cluttering up the homepage, website designers should adopt the minimal approach and design simple websites. Experts say that new trends will continue to evolve website development this year and bring different things to the fore. Businesses that pay attention to their online presence and ensure that their websites follow the latest trends attract more users, bringing in more sales. 

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