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How to make a poll on facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Almost every human regardless of age have a Facebook profile to meet new people. Although it was introduced as a platform to meet people, now you can do much more with this platform.

It has introduced several features that let you use it for your business and personal benefits. One such thing is the Facebook Poll feature that lets you run a poll on Facebook. Additionally, you or anyone else can share the poll to reach a wider audience to get better insights.

However, most of the people were confused about how to make a poll on Facebook. That is why we have decided to write this article so that you can easily create a Facebook poll whenever you want.

Before we go ahead and discuss the steps, let us have a look at the requirements to run a Facebook poll.

Just follow our step by step guide to know how to make a poll on Facebook:

Login to your Facebook Account

You need to have a Facebook account to create a Facebook poll. However, you can easily create an account within a minute or two by entering some personal details. It includes your name, email, DOB, and password.

After completing the registration, log in to your account and head towards the New Feed Section.

Navigate to a Group

 As we have already discussed, you can only create a poll for the specific audience of a group or page. Hence, you need to click on the “Groups’ section from the menu and choose the group.

You can join a new group in case you want to reach out to a type of audience for your poll.

Choose Poll From The Status Update Section

After opening the group, you need to click on the ‘what’s on your mind’ It will open a drop-down menu where you will find different options to post in the group.

All you need to do is choose the poll option from the menu, and a new box will appear.

Note: make sure the group has allowed every member to post in it. It is because most of the Groups’ restrict the members from posting in it. In that case, you will need to get your poll reviewed by the admin or moderator.

Type The Poll Question

The box will allow you to add a question in the poll. Make sure to add all the necessary details in the short paragraph to make it easier for the audience to choose.

It is up to you what type of question you want to ask to the audience. It can be related to any valid topic in the world.

However, there are some other guidelines regarding the type of Facebook polls that you can create. Remember that going against any policy can get your account banned from Facebook.

Add the Options

After adding the question, it is time to give your audience an option to choose their answer to the question. The best thing is that they do not need to write the full answer as you will be giving choices to choose from.

All you need to do is write down the 3-4 options for your customers. After writing them, click on the add answers, and it will be ready to post.

However, there is still the final step before making it available for the audience.

Apply Settings and Filters

The final step is choosing the right audience for your post. You can also apply some other filters to select the poll layout and designs.

After choosing the filters, you can finally post the poll, and it will start reaching the group members instantly.

You can see their responses individually, or you can check the percentage of people choosing different options.

Frequently Asked Questions For a Facebook Poll

How to edit a poll?

You can edit a poll by clicking on the edit option from the drop-down menu of the post. It will let you change your edit your questions before getting the votes.

Where else can I share a Facebook poll?

Facebook does not let you share a poll on your news feed. However, you can a poll on your Facebook stories to reach your Facebook friends.

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