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Viva Las Vegas! We really don’t think it is at all an exaggeration to say that the Nevada desert city of Las Vegas is absolutely one of the craziest and most ludicrous places on Earth, as there aren’t many more places around that are essentially just casino playgrounds – play now. Seriously, if you ever go to Las Vegas you may find the sites on the main strip in particular quite hard to believe, as the buildings are all absolutely gargantuan, and places like Caesar’s Palace are also immaculately designed too. 

For the most part Las Vegas is an incredibly exciting place to be, especially if you love gambling, however there is also a dark underbelly of criminality there too. Whilst this was more of a problem back in the mid 20th century, there are still a range of casino cheats out there, and that is where something called the Las Vegas blacklist comes in. This is one of the most mysterious things in the entire gambling world, so let’s explore a little more about it. 

The Las Vegas blacklist: What is it? 

So, what is the Las Vegas blacklist? Well, in a nutshell the Las Vegas blacklist is basically a list of gamblers who are no longer allowed anywhere near a casino in the entire Nevada region. This could be for a variety of reasons, however it has historically been predominantly aimed at serial casino gambling cheaters, or organised criminals looking to take advantage of the Las Vegas casino world. 

The Las Vegas gambling blacklist isn’t something that is particularly well known about, which is why it has developed a fairly mysterious aura over the several decades that it has been a thing for. 

Brief history of the Las Vegas blacklist so far 

The next thing to explore is the history of the Las Vegas blacklist, so let’s take a look. The Las Vegas blacklist was first created all the way back in 1960, mainly as a way to deal with organised criminal groups infiltrating the Las Vegas gambling world. These were wild times in Las Vegas, and the city threatened to become overrun by rich and powerful mafia bosses, amongst other things. 

The blacklist was actually created under the name Nevada Gaming Control Board Excluded Person List, however this official name has nowhere near the same ring too it. The blacklist originated as a black leather bound book, so it quite literally was a blacklist. The first version of it had 11 different names, however nowadays there are 35. 

Some famous names on the Las Vegas blacklist 

Some of the most famous names on the Las Vegas blacklist include the vicious and famously quite scary gangster Tony “The Ant” Spilotro, somebody who reigned terror on the city in the mid 20th century. 

More recently you may have heard of Anthony Grant Granito and James Russell, two men who were caught scamming the Bellagio out of more than a million dollars.

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