What Makes WordPress The Most Popular CMS

When we talk of a content management system in general, WordPress is a term that every layman or technical expert associated with web development, even in the most remote manner, can identify immediately. The CMS market has been dominated by WordPress by an overwhelming majority over other known CMSs like Drupal, Magento, and Joomla. So what exactly is WordPress. From an overview, it appears to be a robust tool for creating and managing your website effectively. It can essentially be used for blogs, business websites, personal sites, or Ecommerce websites. If you get your website designed by a good wordpress development company it is guaranteed to be user-friendly and comparatively easier to maintain. So let us discuss what makes WordPress stand out in such a significant manner.

The ease of use

After a major exploration of why several people prefer WordPress over other CMS, we have come to the conclusion that the sheer ease of using the tool makes it extremely popular amongst the crowd. It is quite a straightforward platform for one’s website that makes everything really simple. In order to get started, you don’t need to know code or learn a complicated program. Of course, hiring a top-notch WordPress development company can enhance the quality of the website immensely, but it is quite easy for an individual to venture into using WordPress on their own as well.

Open-source software

Another remarkable reason for WordPress to be a pleaser amongst the population is that it is completely free software and open-source for all the users. The only prerequisites for using the CMS are a domain name and web hosting in order to install it. It is really encouraging for start-ups or individuals seeking to learn web development that they only have to pay for what they need like help from a consultant or a premier plugin. The software being open-sources lets anyone and everyone contribute and make it better. This passes the ownership to the community and balances the usage accordingly. A rather beautiful way to describe it would be a WordPress development company that is not shackled to some costly, archaic, closed-door system but a part of a wonderful community that shares.

WordPress is versatile

The platform can be used in several different ways from creating simple websites to complex e-commerce marketplaces and everything that comes in between. A few examples of the types of websites that can be created using WordPress are starting a blog, making a business website, an online store, a membership website, or selling online courses. Anytime a web development company is asked whether “wordpress can do [blank]?”, the answer can be considered as a “yes” ninety-nine percent of the time. This level of versatility is certainly beneficial for a wider audience and the range of the target audience expands making the platform exceedingly popular.

Reliable and secure

The software is developed keeping security in mind and is considered a pretty safe and secure platform to operate a website. The content management system is developed on some really mature platforms and uses technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript which meet the strict requirements of the international coding standards set by the World Wide Web consortium. There are regular updates by Wordpress to rectify any loopholes in their security systems. Keeping up with the updates can significantly reduce the vulnerability of one’s website. Enforcing some basic safety measures like downloading plugins only from and maintaining awareness amongst the team can help avoid any malware.

Extremely flexible themes and plugins

WordPress has a humongous plugin ecosystem and it is possible to customize your website’s features like the color, design, and other aspects through different WordPress themes. It is also not mandatory to be through in coding for customizing the overlays of the website. It can be done through the admin panel and some skilled WordPress developers and techies also like to use coding skills. There are thousands of free website templates which allow the user to add a logo, create unique sliders, change background colors as per the requirements. The functionality of the website can also be signified through the implementation of the correct plugins. These can help add advanced features like analytics, contact forms, membership areas, and more to your website. A good WordPress development company can help you identify the pick of premium plugins needed to completely transform the results for different niches.

Completely SEO friendly

The fact that slow and poorly optimized websites deem to be useless for any company’s growth. The search engines rank websites on some predetermined parameters and the more boxes your website ticks, the higher it ranks. WordPress has effective ways of fulfilling the criteria of Google and other search engines. Some of these aspects include fast loading speed, a good coding standard, easy navigation, XML sitemap for structured data, social media integration, image optimization, and an amazing user experience. All these ingredients make for a great recipe that the search engines love to devour. Therefore opting for a WordPress website makes the job search engine optimization comparatively easier.

Great community support

The active users and WordPress developers of the platform form an extremely pleasant community. There is a well-maintained support forum that comprises millions of queries and solutions for the purpose of troubleshooting any problem that one might face while using WordPress. The users are free to post their doubts and questions unhesitantly and can obtain completely valid solutions from the community. Also, there are several WordPress dedicated forums apart fro the official page which is run by WordPress developers for solving the platform related problems and solutions

In conclusion, WordPress is “the” wholesome CMS

The fact that it houses a solution to all web development issues makes WordPress extremely holistic touching all the bases in the market scenario. There is no doubt whether the software might be able to deliver or cater to one’s needs which makes the CMS a good choice for a wide range of audiences from beginner to skilled developer from a renowned wordpress development company. The platform vows to get exponentially better and further enhance the user experience online.  Looking at its growing popularity, various companies hire WordPress developers to stay intact in the competition.

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