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Can You Really Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook is a great place to have a conversation with close friends, colleagues, or other acquaintances. You can easily spend your entire day scrolling Facebook stalking people. It is a common habit of people to stalk their exes or friends on Facebook to know about their whereabouts or what is going on in their life. And this makes the other person intrigued if their exes are visiting their Facebook profile or not. And not only for this reason but also for several other reasons, some people are always excited to know who visited my Facebook. Before we proceed if you searching for a Facebook Boosting service in Bangladesh This is our recommendation due to there high diversity of Facebook ads

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

One of the common questions that have been asked by several Facebook users is ‘can you see who views your Facebook’ and the answer is ‘Yes’ as well as ‘No’.

Officially, there is no way provided by Facebook to know or to check who visited their Facebook profile or who is stalking them. According to Facebook, it is a breach of privacy for the users and many of them will leave the platform if they enabled this option.

So if you come across any app or platform that promises you to tell you who visited your Facebook, chances are they are completely fake and you must report them to save yourself from getting hacked.

Here is how you can report them:

  1. Go to your Facebook account and using the drop-down menu on the right, select ‘Settings’.
  2. Then from the left menu, select ‘Apps and Websites’ and using the search field, find the app that claims to tell you who visited your Facebook.
  3. Next to the app, you will see the option ‘View and Edit’; click on that.
  4. Now, move to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Give Feedback’.
  5. Now click on the issue that you want to report the app for and click on ‘Next’.
  6. After that, click on ‘Done’ to end the process.

This way you can also help someone from getting into a trap like this.

Are there Apps to Check Who Visited my Facebook?

If you are still asking me if there is a way to see who views your Facebook, let me tell you there are a number of apps claiming to be the one you are looking for. As more and more people are becoming interested in knowing who stalks them on Facebook, more and more fake apps are being developed every day as a result of that.

Now, if you are thinking that you will try all these apps and maybe one of them will work. But let me tell you that this move can cost you a lot as these apps have been created with an ulterior motive. Once you log into them using your Facebook credentials, you are asking them to hack your account or misuse it. As most of these apps have been only created by hackers to hack more and more Facebook accounts by making a fool out of ignorant people.

When they get your Facebook login details, they can use that to access your data such as likes and preferences and that will be then sold to advertising companies. Some of the hackers can even change your password and use it for their personal use. If you have entered your credit card information or any other sensitive data, they can steal that too. Some such apps can even infect your device with viruses or malware when you download them on your device.

What Details You Can Check About Your Facebook Account?

Apart from knowing who visited my Facebook, there are several things you might be interested in knowing about such as if you want to know how long you have been friends with a particular person. You can even check your activity log to know about the interactions you had with your friends, groups. You can even review the items where you have been tagged and in total there are more than 25 additional filters that you can use to know more about your Facebook activity.

Also, if you own a Facebook page, you can even have a look at the Facebook Insights to know the number of people who have liked your page, the number of people who have visited your page, the number of views you have received, and the number of people who have taken any action on your page. But here also you will not be able to check who all have visited your page, by that I mean the names as you can only check the numbers of the person who has visited your page at least once.

So make sure you don’t get into the trap of any such apps and wait till Facebook comes with the feature to know who views your Facebook.

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