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Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

SEO is one of the leading industries in Digital Marketing. It is known as the soul of Digital Marketing for the impact that it causes on the performance of a website. Every business wants to hire the top professional SEO service provider company in Bangladesh that can them on the first page of the Search Engines.

Hence, you will need to be the best one in your industry to get the premium client for your Business. In this article, we will share 7 SEO marketplace for Beginners and Experts. These marketplaces are well-established in the market, and attract the premium clients and freelancers on their platform.

So, let’s start our article with the leading service provider of SEO.

Fiverr is one of the most famous marketplaces for freelancers. It is one of the first Freelancing platforms to Affordable SEO services to its users. Fiverr is a service that connects the Employers with the freelancers to make their work hassle-free. The Fiverr services start at as low as $5 that attracts a lot of employers on the platform.

A lot of people used to struggle to find the right person for their job due to the limited number of applicants. However, Fiverr has made it possible to choose from thousands of service providers for a project. Similarly, it gives Freelancers the freedom to choose their projects without having to compromise on the available project.

We love their transparency as they provide all the information related to the employer and freelancer to know about them. However, you can not find the contact information as they want you to deal with them on their platform.

Features of Fiverr

Fiverr is considered as the best platform to find work as a freelancer because of the features they offer to their users. Some of the features are:

SEO MarketPlace: Fiverr is a marketplace for all types of freelancing services including Affordable SEO Packages. You can easily get some early projects after creating a profile on this platform.

Custom Offers: It allows freelancers and employers to work with custom orders to meet the project requirements. It increases your chances of getting the project by satisfying the client project needs.

Clear Communication: Fiverr offers a personal communication feature so that the freelancers and the employee can share details without having to use any third-party platform. It keeps the communication clear by eliminating the chances of confusion.

Benefits of Fiverr for SEO Freelancers

Payment Security

SEO freelancers on Fiverr get the payment security after getting rewarded with a project. They can ask their employers to create milestones and break down the payment into smaller milestones. It ensures the work and payment security among the two parties creating a better working relationship.

Flow of Work

Fiverr is a leading platform that has a continuous flow of projects for its freelancers. A freelancer with a good reputation will never be out of work on this platform.

Is Fiverr the right MarketPlace for you?

Fiverr is a great choice for the SEO experts to get a pool of opportunities without wasting your time bidding on projects. works on the bidding system letting the freelancers bid on the posted projects. Their job lister works well, and recommends the most relevant jobs to its freelancers.SEO experts can easily find some work opportunities by sending proposals to the employers.

However, you will need to buy the connections to send the proposal on a project. Every project requires some connections ranging from 1 to 5 depending on several factors such as project amount, employer ratings, etc.

Features of Upwork

Proposal-based: It works by sending proposals to the employers regarding their offer for the project.

Easy Communication: Their communication features are easy to work. You can easily send and receive the project files using their platform.

Proper Reports: Freelancers can check their reports to analyze their working details. They can also check their financial reports to know how their proposals are performing.

Benefits of using Upwork

Skill Verification: Upwork verifies the skills of the freelancers to ensure that the right freelancers get the opportunity to work. It keeps the platform free from the bots and fake profiles that makes it harder to land a job.

Secured Payments: It allows a secured payment method to ensure you get paid for the project. You can also work with your offline clients while using their secure payments option without registering them on this platform. is a great platform to offer your SEO services as a beginner. It is comparatively easier to win projects on freelancers than on Fiverr. The main reason behind it is the fact that it allows you to bid on most of the projects in your category.

However, Fiverr usually works on getting rewarded by the employers while searching for a service.

On this platform, employers post a project where the freelancers can bid with their offers. Then, the employer can choose the most relevant bid for their project.

Features of Freelancer:

  • Time Tracker: It lets the employers hire the right freelancer for their project on an hourly basis. It ensures that the freelancer earns for every second he spends working on the project.
  • Secure Milestone Payments: offers a secure way to make payments to the freelancers. The payment can be divided into several small milestones that can be released after getting the work done.
  • Contest Posting: Employers can post the contents on this platform to award the best work for their project

Benefits of using Freelancer for SEO Freelancers:

Good for Beginners: has a lot of opportunities for that beginner in their career in SEO. There are thousands of job posts every day in this industry providing an opportunity for every small or big freelancer.

Profile Reviews: You get a profile review after completing a project based on your work. Getting more profile reviews means more credibility to your profile landing your new projects. is a marketplace for leading professionals in their respective industries. It is a great SEO marketplace that has a lot to offer to the deserving freelancers. PPH offers a local search based option that allows employers to check the freelancers near them for their project.

It also has a different plan for big SEO agencies that can handle a large number of projects with their teams. Hence, you can trust PPH to get some high-paying projects for your freelancing business.

Core Features of

Local Freelance Directory: the local freelance directory allows the employer to work with nearby freelancers. It can also be an offline job posting for the freelancers.

Escrow Protection: All the freelancers get the Escrow protection for their funds by the employers. Every employer needs to pay at least half the project amount to award the project to a freelancer.

There are some more features like file sharing, project tracking, profile ratings, etc.

Benefits of Using PeoplePerHour

Industry Experts: PPH allows the industry-leading freelancers to register on their platform to ensure the quality of the work. It makes it a great SEO marketplace for experts.

In-depth Reports: Freelancers get the In-depth reports of their earnings and work progress to track their position in freelancing. You can use it to get some better insights into your career.

Legiit is considered as one of the best Fiverr alternatives that work on the same concept. You can create your proposals in the relevant category so that employers can find you when they apply for the service. Freelancers can also send the proposal to a job posting to be a step ahead in this competitive industry.

SEO experts can utilize this platform to get some high-paying employers for their freelancing business. It is a new marketplace that has got early recognition from some of the leading freelancers in different industries.

Core Features of

Gig Supported: This platform supports gigs where you create your proposals for each service on your profile. These gigs show up in the results when an employer looks for the service you provide. 

Low Competition: All the profiles on this platform are verified that helps the employers and freelancers to get genuine leads. Additionally, the platform does not have much competition for the same reason.

Advantages of Using

SEO marketplace:  The platform focuses mainly on the SEO services and promotes the freelancers in the industry. However, you can still offer other services as a freelancer. It helps get the focused leads for the SEO services for your business.

Responsive Customer Support: Their customer support is super friendly and tries to solve every query of their users. You can raise a ticket, in case there is a dispute with the employer.

Konkar is another marketplace for SEO experts to get hired by the premium SEO clients. This platform allows you to share your details with the employer to work on your terms. Unlike other freelancing platforms. It does not bound you with strict terms and conditions and allows you to work independently.

The market is mainly for SEO, graphics design, and web development. The onboarding process is really easy as they have dedicated videos to keep you going on their platform. Just watch a tutorial video and you will be selling your services to the worthy clients.

Feature of

Gig-based Proposal: You do not need to waste your time writing bids on every project. Just create a proposal and let the employers find you when they search for your services.

Payment Security: Payment security is one of the best features of this platform. They ensure that the freelancers get paid for their services by creating several milestones for each awarded project. You can ask your employers to release them after submitting the work.

Benefits of using

Better Pay Rate: All the employers on this platform are there looking for professional SEO services. Hence, you can expect premium rates for the services you provide them.

Support and Community: They have responsive customer support that helps with your problems and disputes. You can also engage with the freelancer’s community to stay updated with the latest trends of SEO.

If you are looking for a marketplace that is focused on the SEO services, then Seoclerk is the right platform for you. Here, freelancers can sell their services to thousands of employers at the best rates. It eliminates all other job postings that let you focus on the main projects for your business.

Their community has a lot of Leading SEO experts sharing their knowledge with the freelancers. You must register on this platform to learn new trends of Search Engine Optimization while earning money by your services. They are famous for their BackLink generating services as most of their freelancers are professionals in link building.  

Features of

Free-job Posting: Anyone can post a job on this platform without having to pay a single dollar for the job-posting.

Payment Security: It works on the milestone system to provide a payment guarantee to its freelancers.

Benefits of Using

Educational Blog: They have a dedicated blog for its users to learn more about SEO while offering their services. It is a great way to keep learning with the experienced community.

Better Rates: This platform has a base of employers who are familiar with SEO and its industry rates. Hence, you can expect better service rates on this platform than other leading ones.


Every SEO marketplace has its pros and cons. You decide to find the advantages of every application with your requirements and select the best one. The 7 SEO marketplaces that we have covered in this article can be a great platform for you to utilize your skills.

All these websites have different features and benefits to offer giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits your needs. We recommend starting with Fiverr and to understand how these platforms work.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose any of them and start taking some premium projects for your business.

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